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It was a chilly winter day over here in Kolkata by January 2018 when Naminata, an ambitious entrepreneur from Ivory Coast, had come to meet me in my office. We have communicated with each other during last one year. She got her uncle staying over here last 20 years. She came to meet with him. It was indeed a very short trip on her and although she came to my office to meet me for consulting on certain marketing activities about her Tours & Travel’s business. She had been in her entrepreneurship activities last 2 years and doing well. She had been in her entrepreneurship activities last 2 years and doing well. Earning enough to pay her bills, running her family, happy with children and husband and bought a car also to enjoy their weekend leisure. It has been an enthralling journey for her and her beloved ones.

As we were continuing the discussion, I realize as she expressed, business was not going well by last 4 to 5 months. She even made the research and found out traditional advertisement activities, e.g. Radio, newspaper advertisement was not performing well as the acquisition of new customer rate deteriorating day by day and resulting decline in sales volume. Now she is looking for suggestions for Social Media activities she should do with the minimum of cost or to be precise free of cost initially.

We were continuing…

Naminata: Could I get a Social Media presence for my business with a minimum of the cost? What do you think, as you have been a service provider of same?

Me: I won’t say the service could be rendered to you by a service provider by absolutely Free of cost but there is a way where you can minimize your cost of Social media activities.

Naminata:  Though I am running short of time and by today evening I will have to catch the flight to Mumbai, but if you share a bit about that then I would be grateful to you.

Me: There are two ways to perform Social media campaigns and those are Organic Way and other by Paid Advertisement. In case of an Organic advertisement, you may have to pay only the service charge and while for Paid advertisement method you have to bear the cost of the service charge as well as advertisement cost charged by different Social sites.

Naminata: If you please provide a further clarity with an example, as you are aware I am a layman of this technical activity!

Me: The Organic method approach allows you to get Followers, Fans etc. in a by running contests, constant communication by sharing useful contents through publishing post. This is a continuous activity. As we have researched and found that your country and locality has been dominated by Facebook. So I would suggest you post useful contents about your business’s value proposition regularly, i.e. at least two(2) posts per day. You need to create Followers and Fans for your Facebook page who actually would become your customers. Create a Landing Page with generic details along with your contact. And POST regularly with interesting photos, videos on destination travelling. You should continue at least for 3 months and you will have your customer base increased.

And in case of a Paid advertisement, you need to pay for the Social site/s to continue to boost your Post. Your post would run on Social site throughout the day, night by the regular interval. As you are aware some of such Social sites are Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter etc.


Naminata: What would be your suggestion for me or better to say for my business? I just want to get my business right on track with more customer acquisition. So please send me an approach note on same to my email id and let me see… but do remember, I cannot pay the hefty amount at this point of time. So be real and practical.

Me: I smiled and escort her to the car as she left for the airport.


“Social Media Marketing with Minimum of the cost” or precisely “Grow your business with Facebook marketing by only $5”. The service provider must be having extraordinary gene! What service will you provide with $5? That is simply deceiving the customer and nothing else. What productivity, value addition, will you offer to customers? Yes, you can reduce your profit margin and offer a reasonable rate to customers. But Productivity, some growth has to be there.

We offered Naminata the Social media marketing approach for her country as she desires. We offered her Landing page creation, Facebook, Twitter/Pintrest marketing with the mix of organic and paid advertisement approach, Blog writing precisely in the period of 3 months. She also received a proposal from another service provider also and those were fewer features with higher cost compared to ours. And those service providers belonged to her country, so she can approach physically if anything went wrong.

She took her time and after one month I received a message on my WhatsApp number – “ It is the time to move on, Partha. Let us start.” Thanks to her.

We have been associated the last 1month and her customer base increases 20% by the organic approach. July onwards we would be starting mix approach as decided.


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