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It was on Saturday morning last week. I was enjoying while reading a book.

Suddenly telephone rang up and

Me: Hello

??:  Is this Partha?

Me: Yes

??:  Hi buddy, how are you? This is Sumit, remember!

Me: Sumit, Sumit Ghose from Sydney?

?? Yes, I am.

Me: Hey, How are you? Summit: Hey mate, come on… leave all those formalities. I need a suggestion for my new venture i.e. Placement Agency Firm’s Social Marketing activity. Let us connect through Skype, Now.


We had a detailed discussion about how could Facebook and Twitter’s, Organic and Paid model help him to get his desired number within 3 months approximately.

Here there was a catch while discussing I found that he had already tried Social Media Marketing approach with some other service provider. And ultimately he lost only his time and money and nothing had come out! He is quite sceptical of further investment of same which is very much natural. On further due diligence I find that the service provider had made certain mistakes which should have been avoided while doing Facebook and Twitter’s marketing.


Those were as I diagnosed as follows:

Buy Follower, Likes; Use untargeted traffic; Unfollowfriends and relatives…

We made a detailed plan for Sumit Ghosh and sent him across. He is holidaying now… Will back tomorrow.

We will have further and hopefully final discussion tomorrow sometime at afternoon at IST.

I will keep you posted about the strategy that would decide.

This is going to be a challenge for us.


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