Evolution of Mobile Technology -1G to 5G

These days we are getting prepared for most advanced wireless communication of mobile technologies i.e. 5G. The 5th generation wireless systems are improved technologies which are hopefully deploying lately in the year of 2018.

Now the first question always should be in heading to us i.e. what are the mobile technology generations!

The 1G or first generation mobile communication was the first one introduced in the year of 1980. And it was the Analogue telecommunication standard radio signals. It was replaced by 2G network which was the digital one and introduced SMS, MMS and picture messaged in the year of 1991. And after that the technology had been advanced and we came across with 3G and 3.5 G with new features which were helpful for mankind. Mobile web access, IP telephony, gaming, high definition mobile TV, video conference etc. have been available still we reach the era of 4G wireless telecommunication. And now we are getting prepared for 5th generation wireless telecommunication! For extended knowledge about the mobile communication evolution process you can download the research paper from the link –




The 5th generation wireless network would cater beyond the mobile internet to massive IOT (Internet on Things). The main evolution compared with today’s 4G and 4.5G (LTE advanced) is that beyond data speed improvements, new IoT and critical communication use cases will require new types of improved performance. There are some of additional advantages we could see in terms of evolution of 5the generation technologies e.g.

  • 100% coverage as signalling efficiency will increase considerably.
  • Latency should be significantly reduced e.g. 1 millisecond.
  • Reduction in network energy usage.
  • 1000x bandwidth
  • Increase battery life for low power IOT devices.





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