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Other day I got a skype call from Isabella, USA.

“Hi Partha, my food business is in stagnant stage, I am not able to attract new customer base as they are unaware about Prox’s delicious food. And also I am facing stiff price competition. Do you have any solution for this problem?…”  She was not my client and we were introduced each other by one of our common friend based in Australia. Isabella is in Food business, having a small café-restaurant.



Our discussion had prolonged to another 45 minutes. We were discussing about navigating Social Media platforms, what and how frequent to post to see the audience or customer growth in organic way so to build the brand and business growth by socially cost effective way.


To strategies perfectly social media platform in your business’s marketing activities, first need to identify the GOAL i.e. what to achieve? Is that for – Brand Awareness ? Engagement increase ? Campaign and cross channel activation ?Qualified Traffic Rates? Lead Generations?

According to your objective,  decide on audiences to target with, how to engage with them so that they read and share your content, clearly mention about your brand voice, and understanding the differences between each social media platform. Research shows, Facebook requires at 10 to 15 posting per week whereas Twitter required 7 to 8 posts per day. Instagram requires 1 to 2 times of posting per day whereas Pinterest requires 3 to 4 times per day and Repin.



Social Media uses by Business organizations be that small, medium or large for following purposes:

Online purchase, Client feedback, Brand recognition, Contact form filling out, Signup for your contents or newsletters, Download of a piece of content


More importantly HOW are you going to monitor the performance i.e. how to achieve your desired ROI! What is the CPM? What is CPA? What is PPC? How to improve the audience engagement? Etc.


So I had approached the same way to Isabella. And after two days of receiving our approach paper she came back to me saying, “Hey Partha, we would be getting same services what have you offered over here, only for $ 35 per month. So why should I go with Astringent Technology Service?” A timely and valid question she had plunge me. I took time and asked her to wait for my questionnaire within couple of minutes and she hang up. I was astounded while knowing the same service could not be possible within that much of professional fees. But these days market is very much competitive, so I opted out to send her the questionnaire only. Main question on that questionnaire was” Do the service provider only offer her organic way to attract the audience/customer or mix i.e. with the paid advertisement also?” She didn’t have the clue as she apprised me to come back after checking. And I agreed.


We always need to check before strategies and implement the Social Media activity on our Business with the following points:

What social media platform would do best for us?

Is there a social media platform we should test and see how it works for us?

How can I best use my time and money in order to reach more people?

Only organic way to reach more people always takes time, so it is always better spend your effort partially on Organic approach and partially on paid advertisement – CHOOSE WISELY.


Isabella called today and informed me that the other service provider offering only for Organic approach and that also for only Facebook  post -7 times in a week.

We have signed for 6 months contract.




How do you create positive interactions on Social Media? If you create custom engagement through image, written content & links then the following statistics could be useful – Video –  attracts 85%  audience, Images – attracts 68% audience, Written – attracts 57% audience, And then GIF, Audio etc.

Sounds interesting?

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