Dan was sincere but fired AND…


Dan Henba, a young, energetic, handsome professional from Manipur. He had been working with one of the renowned BPO offices, at Sector V, Kolkata.

We met accidentally as it was on sometime in summer 2015. I along with one my colleague was driving from North Bengal to Kolkata. Somewhere near Maldaha-a locality beside NH 34, I had to stop my car for some rest in a small Dhaba (Motel). A public bus got to have a problem with its engine and had to abandon the further journey. It was 2 a.m.

A tall height, well suited young was waiting over there. He was looking for some transportation, which could allow him to drop at his desired destination. He was supposed to reporting to his authority in that BPO with 12 p.m. That was his joining date. His first job! All those we read later from him.

He approached and with his different accent asked us

Dan: Hello Sir. Good Morning. How are you today?

Atanu: Good Morning. We are fine. How about you? Where are you heading to?

(My colleague’s name was Atanu and he was a bit conservative while communicating with a stranger. But he was only who replied!)

Dan: I am Dan Henba, from Matai, Manipur. I have to reach sector V, Saltlake, Kolkata at 11.20 a.m. to report to HR at my office. Today is my joining date. Could you please drop me, at least in Berhampur? So, that I can get a Bus or catch up a train to reach by time.

Berhampur, the capital of Murshidabad district is 170 k.m. away from Malda. We had to agree as that was his joining date. And at that time hardly to get transportation service in national highway. He got up into the car and simply slept as it was our duty to take him to his destination. Ultimately, we drove him to his office and he had extended his sleeping till 9 hours. And before he left asked us our office Landline number. Very smart as he was avoiding on rejection chance if asking mobile number. Later we learned he didn’t sleep last 48 hours because of hectic travelling.

After one month, he came to our office. He offered a box of chocolate to share his happiness and enjoyment of his new world. He got his first salary.

We kept on communicating irregularly through email.

It was in March 2017 there was an email from him. He wanted to meet with me urgently. We agreed to meet during lunch hours.

 He almost cried and said, “Sir, my company wanted to cancel my retainer.” Last day he had a meeting with his HR and got informed. He got only 7 days to search for a new job.

As we continued…

Dan: My sister’s marriage is in December, Brother has yet to complete his study. You know, I lost my father 5 years back and have the surviving mother. What should I do? I cannot go back and I don’t want to. Please suggest me.

Me: Just tell me one thing. You must have accumulated some money. How long would you able to survive with that money?

Dan: Maybe three (3) months or so.

Me: Good. Request your HR to release you ASAP and search for a new job. I will give you some reference. Most importantly, learn some new technology, maybe Java. Start right away and let me see what I can do for you!

Somehow he finished his lunch and left exhaustedly. I could understand his situation. Everybody has had to face this type of situation. Maybe Now and or in Future and history repeats itself. There is probably no more common fear in the working world that the fear of getting fired.

By that time we have launched our digital marketing venture. Once Dan completed his training on Java, we have started Facebook and Linkedin campaigning on his intelligence, knowledge, behaviour, working experience etc. in pan India basis.

After 2 months, he called me and invited me to a party as he got a trainee programmer job in Mumbai. Though I could not able to reach to his party, my best wishes are always with him.

I don’t know if that interview lead got generated from our Social marketing as we never spoke about that. But I appreciate Dan on his “Take a chance” attitude. We are still in touch, and this time through WhatsApp. ! Technology!


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